Douglas H. Mc Clintock

Old Age

new writer

Old age, don't even think about it,
It seems it will never come to the young,
Real living is when you are chompin at the bit
Action is the byword, and not a slip of the tongue.

From age One to Twenty is kids stuff and puppy love
Twenty to Forty reveals strength and beauty
Forty to Sixty, a great life with nothing to prove
Sixty to eighty, aches and pains, seems life is a duty.

So what is old age all about ?
It's up to you to make it work
Keep moving to keep the fire from going out
Don't let people call you a mental jerk !

White hair ,wrinkles, blotches and back ache
Seeing and hearing is a prize to keep going,
Lord, did you make a big mistake ?
I know you will say, its part of growing !

Taking showers, getting dressed and even eating
Becomes a chore you sooner ignore.
Listen. at my age, I am not competing
To get a perfect score !

So what is the final solution ?
Being young at heart should be your aim.
Your body will crumble, it is a proven,
Be easy, let live, eat a chocolate, you are still in the game