Phil Roberts

R.I.P. Rock-and-Roll (1949-1985)

I am 64 and loves cats, rock music, and horror fiction and poetry

How come rock-and-roll had to die?
When it seemed to be going strong?
From the 1950s or thereabouts
Through to eighty-five, we were rocking on.

Then the age of post-rock came along
Rap, hip-hop, and techno-crap,
Plus the Kylies and the Britneys
All that lightweight pop pap.

Down on Bourbon Street
They used to rock all night and day,
But by the mid nineteen--eighties
The age of rock had passed away.

Elvis was the king
They called him King of Rock-and-Roll,
Elvis was the king
Of rocking, rhythm, and soul.

But long before Elvis Presley
There was ol' Stick McGhee,
In 1949 he started rock and roll with
"Drinking Wine Spoo Dee Oo Dee".

Stick McGhee and his Buddies were
Rock and roll's very first,
But every decade after the 1950s
Rock and roll got steadily worse.

In 1959 we used to think
That rock and roll was here to stay,
But by the 1980s it was dying
And by eighty-five it passed away.

With Elvis, Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee
We thought rock and roll could never die,
The Beatles kept it strong in the 1960s
But finally split up in late 1969.

In the 1970s disco music
Made rock and roll start to die,
Rap, hip-hop, and techno-crap
All different post-rock music styles.

Rock and roll Rest In Peace
Born of Stick McGhee in 1949,
But within thirty-six short years
Rock and roll had truly died.

© Copyright 2021 Philip Roberts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia