Alan S Jeeves

Billow Tide, Ebb Tide

Alan S Jeeves is a Lancashire (England) born, Yorkshire based classical poet.

Herculean waves pound the frail sea shore
Smashing, crashing against a rock-bound bight.
Seagull songs drown in a fierce deafing roar;
Thunderous vast swells of a wondrous height
Towering and exploding overhead,
Mercilessly and ruthlessly, cruel
Then,collapsing randomly, gone, dispread,
Retreating homeward to Neptune's great pool.

But then the reposing, saline ebb tide
(Its tempestuous fury set aside)
Abdicates silently, bereft of word,
Leaving the bounty, the wild ocean yields
Discarded are jumbly flotsam filled fields
And a seagull chorus can, bis, be heard.