Sherry Caayupan

Love Confided on Night's Kiss

Sherry Caayupan is a poet from the Philippines.

Cageless souls break free into the open,
To scatter and utter good news;
Of a love born-free and unrotten,
From all scars of a restless cruise;

A journey through time and loneliness,
Of careless feelings, hurtful sayings;
One heard of once or too many places,
Only others shall save from one's bearings;

One walks through the space of sadness,
Yet a flicker will float and show care;
A light will lead to gladness,
Spirits fly and sparks flare;

Others see what happiness can be,
In a place full of plenty;
Of love bountiful of reverie,
There springs dreams granted eternally;

One meek enough to show goodness,
Despite hostile scars occur on eve's flight;
In the night seen on boundless,
Hours of frolicking of the twilight;

A night scars won't ever show,
Of a love caring and undyingly speaks;
What is felt is the moon's smile, no snow,
A love forever and flowing in heaps.