The Human and the Moth

The simplest way to defuse a moth
Is to turn the light off
Keeping the fridge door
Swung wide open
It flickers for more
So who is the instigator?
The human or the moth?

The moth had nothing to flicker about
When the light was not around
Yet the human here still
Running the electricity bill
Needing the warmth of light
To keep off the fright
The moth is used to living in the dark

The light blinds both
The human and the moth
The human is more objective
The moth is apprehensive
As both are afraid
They can’t turn away
Drawn to the light, they stay

With the busting of fuse
Or remove one of the two
It ceases to be confused
The scatter-brained moth is defused
But which of them will refuse?
The human or the moth?
And at what cost? Who will lose?

It’s theirs to choose
To mutually depart
Who’s at fault?
The human or the moth?