Peter Sokolowskyj


AS Above

Jesus was my Teacher
  june 6th 2020
  Original song by Peter Sokolowskyj

Jesus was my teacher, a great pal of mine.
One special person always had the time.
Served amongst beggars loving all who were poor,
His work never ended, always there was more?
A heart pure as gold that never shut a door,
Cared for all who suffered comforted them galore.

1). Churches today all flourish lusting just for greed,
Forsaking all his duties, deserting the poor in need.
Excessive high rents and prices souring beyond demand,
Forcing the poor into the streets begging for a hand.
Jesus still watches over, now he just weeps and weeps,
Greedy servants all flourish while the evil creeps.

2). Sad to see so many die, who will really care?
See the old and lame pass by while we gaze and stare.
Justifying corruption as usual pretending we all care,
The tale from long, long ago repeating everywhere.
A tale so old the Pharisees too once also understood.
Who too cut him down nailed him to a cross of wood.