Prithvi Datta

Our First Wedding Anniversary Today at He is in UK and I am in USA The Anniversary

Retired lecturer and consultant building services and alternative generation of Power, Heating and Cooling. Prithvi Datta Global LEED Prof.★; MEEC; CEM; 17,388 Followers & 17,911 connections Wokingham, England, United Kingdom

Longing for you all through the night
Tossing and turning till morning light

Chores to do and duty's to fill
Yet through it all I long for you still

God tests our love to see if it will endure
But this love for you will surly stay pure

Blessings upon us and blessing to come
Soon waiting in time will all but be done

We made it a year, ups and downs to attend
Still the love in our soul's helped make amends

Excited I wait for your next tender call
I promise my Dear, Love will not fall

From the hands of God we came together
From the Spirit of God we cleave to each other

Though the mind is weak yet the promise stands tall
No matter my Darling set in stone, I give you my all

by Late Wife of Prithvi Datta
Peggy Smyly's Creative Songs and Poems
February 28, 2014 •