Prithvi Datta


Retired lecturer and consultant building services and alternative generation of Power, Heating and Cooling. Prithvi Datta Global LEED Prof.★; MEEC; CEM; 17,388 Followers & 17,911 connections Wokingham, England, United Kingdom

Natural beauty is unique
In its own right;
How can any make-up
Give the blindsight?

If one cannot appreciate
The simple beauty,
Which is to last forever
Without diminishing.

Be proud of your own beauty
And just be happy –
You are one who will sing
The song while lasting snappy.

Your beauty will always
Keep him awakened;
You could not even
Feel him as broken.

His only wish is for you to be happy,
Knowing otherwise
Makes him feel unhappy.

Why feel sorry and allow
Pain from the heart
To vanish, not enjoying
Sadness as your art?

Your beauty will always
Capture his heart,
So do not hurt him without cause,
Or reject any part.