Dr. Medhavi Chourey

Mirrors do lie!!

VISITING FACULTY – Communication Skills, Grooming and Personality Development( MP Tourism) (IHM) - 10 years and MPIHTTS Ph.D., English Literature, Bhopal University. M.Phil., Psychology, Bhopal University.1989. MBA (HR) Profile at a Glance Proactive, persevering educationist armed with a do…

She looked at herself in the big mirror
Mirrors did not lie, the bigger , the better

To her utter astonishment, she was same
Her agony not visible, what a game

Innumerable jabs, wounds were not visible
She was shattered, her condition inexplicable

Her reflection was impeccable and bright
How on earth could it be true and right?

Her heart bleeding, so many Betrayals
However there were no signs of portrayals

So many sacrifices had left her empty
For others, she was always a bounty

Amongst the crowd, she was always alone
Peace had eluded like the days bygone

She had been around for everyone
However she could not bank on anyone

Or was it that she had become pretentious She had left being herself and contentious

What an irony, she learnt the ways of life
In the process, lost her will to live and vive!!

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