Lawrence S. Pertillar

Back In The Saddle Again

Afraid and chased away from truth.
A truth never known bearing a weapon.
Or heard to threaten,
Anyone protecting their delusions.
Camouflaged and dressed to disguise,
Fiction in the midst of it.

To deny they have been duped to trick.

Although go along with this.
Declaring their innocence.
When evidence is found,
To prove them to be accomplices.
Of assisting to be observed and seen,
Pouring gasoline on comic books to burn.
With a doing to claim,
Them not to as truthful or honest.
As the cartoons they watched on TV.
When they were made to believe,
Animals talked and heros shoot to kill...
Got up and dusted off their cowboy boots.
Road to the nearest town on horses.
To then walk into taverns singing.

While the patrons inside cheered.
Awaiting their arrival.
And began to applaud,
Their safe return from death.

Done to then buy them free beer!
As an orchestra appeared,
From thin air to play,
'Back In The Saddle Again.