Sherry Caayupan

A Heartless Journey

Sherry Caayupan is a poet from the Philippines.

A day more than once in this life,
Is more than I can bear;
If a life without you could mean my downfall or a strife,
Or an old or gray or lifeless hair;

Another's stolen kiss would mean treason,
My lips does not welcome that of a stranger's;
Be not with skipping rhymes or reason,
The flame never died nor the fiery dying embers;

I go on with my impetuous travels asking,
Would I end loving a miser or a rich man with bags of treasure?
I can no longer forego if not your soul will be doing ,
No taking aback of a kind of love's lure;

In my memories and will you always be in my loving heart,
The days go slow as if to stop the ticking time;
If to unbind with you, my love will be back from the start,
Everyone else would be blatantly crossing the lines;

An acceptance of your missing steps,
Near my bed where you used to lay;
Still I remained heartless but a trace of sobriety crept,
These sedated tears will be running in boundless, lonely days.