P. Augustine

I Did Herb and I am Sorry About It

Chaos ensues around my eyes
After a pant or two.
Every thought is serenading.
And Sanity, impromptu.

Characters of Human beings
So called in their being
Should we become Human for once
No sorrow would feel a thing.

Time's so spoken in gold
So exalted. So sublime
But think. With every passing grain
You are killed by time.

Even God hasn't escaped
Faith in Him forever be.
But the question lies here -
Does he believe in me?

Are we the true self?
Let's think in reality
In a free world around,
Is freedom given by morality?

And God again chimes in
Or rather Gods to be precise
Numerous of them stand here
Which one would suffice?

If Answers are true enough
For me to lose a debate
Should I accept the answer
But quietly isolate?

And I can't write everything
But a small question I see
I'm too high to ponder this

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