Patty Smithson

Visions From the Shore

A person expressing life's journey. I'm not trained in writing, just write what I feel. I'm enjoying expressing myself.

A longing for adventure, a sweet breeze blows across my face as I set sail for a new journey.

How will my day unfold, I know not, but I trust in the day, each a gift to me.

I dream of what will be, how one day, one hour, one conversation can change my course on the water.

Sweet thoughts cross my mind of trips I’ve taken and adventures I’ve had. Life is a journey full of sweet beginnings and endings, each important to the soul within and are tied together to make a full life, a beautiful trip.

Enriched by those who have passed through my daily happenstance, they too are on their own journey’s. Each enriched by the other. Yet sailing onward in their own direction to explore their world.

I regret nothing, I learn to trust again in my sense of purpose and direction and I welcome the sojourners who have enraptured my heart, changed my course and inspired me to new levels on this journey.

The adventures of life continue!