You Know Me


Said to have been familiar with several familiar works. They called him Alto, he took aliking to Ms. Hausbouis ( Bouis) He made the wines from the fruited trees , after a storm blow through, he spent an evening carving a flute from a broken orange tree. A note written by, a man named "Composer…

He sat in front of his congo
He knew his chores needed
His wife was having a shing-ding
Starting noon the next day.
He needed to reherst, but doing
so alone never solved his problem.
He would put it off until evening
When his chores were done.
He reminded hisself that the
Cows milks of today would be the
milks for tomorrow; and those
Eggs of morning would be ingredients
For tommorrows supper.
The bacon in the cellar, was flavor for
Tommorrows meal.
But what inspired him was the sweet
tastes of fruit wine, he needed to
Tastes and refrigerate for both evening company and tommorrows festivities.
Bouis wines which whispers melodies to the tougue, cantar the smooth harmonic richness of fruit and flavor.
Which makes and encouraging reason to kiss!