Aparna Nandha

Visiting God

Aparna Nandha is currently an Assistant Professor in English. She works predominantly on postcolonial literary works. She enjoys reading and writing and her creative works attempt to capture women's life and struggles in contemporary societies.

So the day was spent
It was almost dark
The exhausted woman walked
into the temple.
She had so many complaints.
There was the unreasonable boss,
the everyday challenges, the lies,
the fake smiles, the money issues,
the WhatsApp groups, the kid's homework,
the failed plans, the parents, their health.
Then there was the neverending pandemic.

As she walked in
there sat our man.
In stone, with the head of an elephant
and the body of a leisurely human.
Not concerned with fad diets.
She was angry
He seemed so far removed from her life,
her complicated life.
She decided to cook her favourite food at night.
She looked at him enviously,
so undisturbed by this world.

For a moment, she wished
for a life like his.
Away from all this hustle
and the unrelenting people around.
He did not look like he was competing with other gods.
Our man looked cool!
A smile crossed her face.
She said her thanks,
the stone looked happy too.
She made a mental note of things to buy
on her way home.

The priest came and offered her kumkum
She smeared it on her tiny forehead.
She said her byes and headed out
to her home.
The kid would be waiting.
She would return tomorrow.

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