Remember Thunder He did volunteer work, goes to church, reads, and likes to run marathons. He's a self published writer and poet. He's getting his GED and will graduate at Grand Rapids (USA) community college. Activity: Ronald Lee Bunch published his poetry book called I Am A Man As I should be on…

Remember thunder
It's God's roar,
When God said He glorified His name
And will glorify it again.
It sobers the mind like a charm.
We place pressure upon ourselves,
We worry,
We stumble,
We fall.
We find we don't have fear.
It will keep you from harm,
It will disarm.
Louder than gunfire,
Louder than fireworks,
Louder than yelling on the Cliff tops.
Thunder we hear,
No worries, no more.
Like lightning no doubts to fear, truth stabs.
During a camp fire it sends a shiver down our necks,
What a story to tell!