Dr. T. Pinnock

Flower - Night - Light

Dr. Pinnock first wrote poetry in the institution he resided in inside a classroom at 8 years old. The typewriter was old and manual with a keyguard. A keyguard is a device with an opening for each key to prevent a person lacking fine motor skills from accidentally hitting a key. Dr. Pinnock was …

A flower is a seed,
that rides in the air.
Yet a flower has not the power to comprehend,
but come spring, the flower has bloomed.

A beautiful night, when
the stars shine lovely.
Moon just, sits and sees,
a plane glows it red lights.

Wonderful ball of fire,
blinding our eyes.
If it disappears,
Darkness will be
the commander.

We hate,
We kill,
What the hell is the will???

Age 9

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