Boon or curse

Loving you was my fault
Trusting you was my insanity
Remembering you again is my habit
Writing about is my ointment

First as an acquaintance
Then as a classmate
Later as a friend
Soon as the best friend
Finally as my love

You accomplished a great journey
Years of building faith
Years of nourishing affinity
Years of cherishing each other

Suddenly the wave of betrayal
Abandoning and severing trust
Broken heart and torn apart
Being ignored and misheard
All your lies and excuses

You are happy and satiated
Your new beginning
Your commitment and your new love
Still instigating me sometimes
Eventually with your guilt trip

Hello! I am breathing and dreaming
I am fine
Giving up false hope of you
And your pretense of apology
Ignites fire in me
I wish this fire burning me
Burns you too