Sara Thelin

Lost girl

Something I wrote once while living in my own single wide mobile home, a metal bug attracting box in summer!

You used to giggle with delight.
You'd laugh so hard you were actually bright. Like the twinge of a static electical shock. The feelings, the love, no lost pictures could capture. So no big loss there. I'd hold you in my arms and protect you and I'd sing Beatles to you as we danced in the sunlight. We'd spin around and you'd giggle some more in my arms as I held you tight.

You and me were safe in our home by the sea. I should never ever have left but I was tricked by the best. A horrible manipulator, your father. You'll see, if you haven't already. I am so sorry. I'm all to blame. It's all on me.

I know you hate me but don't you see, I'm not the abandoning type. That's not in me. You were stolen by the most evil incarnate, the judge, the BDE attorney. They lied, perjury. That day I was taken away you screamed for me.

I'm so glad the suicide attempts failed so that we could meet. But you hate me and I'm at such a loss I can't even speak, or sleep, or eat.