Prithvi Datta

Who is the Really Mad Person in our Society?

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Who is the Really Mad Person
In our society?
Who is the Innocent Mad Person
In reality?

It is not difficult
To know unquestionably
All you require is
To be awakened humanely.

RMPs* exist under
The limelight of popularity
While IMPs* are forced
To just quit quietly.

While you may wish
To be like the RMPs.
Unknowingly you may be
Associating with IMPs.

Wishing to live as and be nearer
To the rich heroes.
Hideously living next
To one of the poor heroes.

Forgetting an innocent girl’s murder
In the school.
Ignoring all too many killings of strangers
While playing it cool

Having failed to awaken the RMPs
To the correction of the wrong.
The plight of the IMPs is allowed
To worsen and carry on.

The shame is that the IMPs were
Once great human beings;
Until the greed of the RMPs,
Wrongly stole their well-being.

The sick humans were not
Simply forced to become mad;
But insured claims for such eventualities,
Were made bad.

And the money saved
Through cutbacks,
In much-needed care
Went to a few RMPs
As their justified share.

RMPs can hire security
For themselves
And their dear families;
Out of public funds
Or tax deducted
As simply formality.

IMPs cannot hunt down RMPs
To revenge their lot;
Thus the innocent are left
As victims to rot.
While far too many

Sleeping humans are just too busy;
With suffering,
Worrying and soul-searching,
To live easy.

RMPs are just busy gathering up
More to satisfy their greed.
While more and more innocents
Are deprived of living need.

Very few of us
May grab at crookedness;
To become another RMP
More of us will be forced
To become another IMP.

Praying for the return
Of a fair world.
Where right is all
Stirring oneself
To defame RMPs,
Must also be your call.

Only then may an IMP
Have a chance
To be powerful again;
And restructure their lives
Without killing,
Someone again.

You could then work,
Walk and sleep
Without any worry.
Lesser IMPs
May wonder,
Without query.