Dr. T. Pinnock


Dr. Pinnock first wrote poetry in the institution he resided in inside a classroom at 8 years old. The typewriter was old and manual with a keyguard. A keyguard is a device with an opening for each key to prevent a person lacking fine motor skills from accidentally hitting a key. Dr. Pinnock was …

Tell me why,
this boy is blind?
Tell me why he died?

Tell me why
people lie?
Tell why we live?
A girl just got
abused tonight,
tell me why?
A child was born crippled,
tell me why?
Yesterday Hitler killed
a million Isrealites,
tell me why?
Plane went down in
the Pacific Ocean,
tell me why?
Questions are not told,
power to answer them
are in the air.

By: Theodore Arthur Pinnock
The year of 1973

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