Joshua Ray Lanphar

I'll Make You Proud, Mamma

" I'll Make You Proud Mamma "

Out here on my own, for quite some time now,
Still see every day, those things you warned me about,
Does not matter whose corner you're in,I'll get thru it somehow,
You know when it comes right down to it, I love to shout,
No more mister nice guy,I'm done playing games,
Come find out, push me again, put hands on me one more time,
You already know I bieve in "God", I am not going down in flames,
Stop calling the law on me, they know I have committed no crime,
She raised me well,she was the only one who showed me she really cared bout me,
Nobody else understood, nobody cared like you did, ill never forget,
If anybody understood me and got close, they hurt me, you said wait and see,
You never lied to me, you never said anything you would regret,
I am out here everyday trying to find a woman just like you,
I might be wasting my time though, it might be no use,
I don't think I'll ever find a woman with love so true,
I take it every day, the talking shit, the lies that got no Juice,
You were always there for me like no other,no matter what,
I'll never forget, when you protected me from the flying dresser,
No matter what kind of crazy was thrown from the gut,
You were always there to talk to about it, even when I was the aggressor,
I made some major mistakes,I know, can't go back and change it now,
I am too tired of all this pain, misery, hard times, and drama,
Everything that I am,the good father,and all, you showed me how,
One day, I promise, "I'll Make You Proud, Mamma".

  Joshua Lanphar