Lawrence S. Pertillar

Back Off Again

Back to being...
Off again.
Back to being...
Back to having,
No discipline.
Wanting their own way to live.
Free from respect to give.
For a normalcy.
Done to do as they please.

Back, again!
With nothing learned.
Or common sense,
To have within.
Lessons kept are swept away.
Yet asked answers flood their minds.
As they wonder why,
Lies told go on they rely upon...
Keeps them,
And off track,
Far from truth.

They wonder why,
They are held back.
Living in denial and delusion.

They are held back!
Refusing to let go of their delusions.
They keep themselves back.
Refusing and denying their delusions.
Oh they keep themselves back.
Refusing to deny they've been screwed.
Up in woe!
Yes they keep themselves back.
From common sense.
And minds to use!