All was quiet, like the lull before a storm

Still experimenting with poetry and still learning

All was quiet, like the lull before a storm.
No word spoken. Hardly a breath was drawn.
The earth stood so still but the mountain shook
and I closed my eyes too afraid to look.
As the scroll opened prophecy unfurled
revealing God's purposes for this world.
Across the mists of time unrolled His plan
for the redemption of sinful man.

He was to send us His Belov├Ęd Son;
Jesus Christ the Only Begotten One.
Who would pay the price no one else could pay
and His own life upon Gods' altar lay.
And as I open my eyes I can see
the extent of the love He has for me.
For upon Calvary's hill hung a man
who was willing to accomplish God's plan.

But it does not end with His final breath,
For He has risen and has conquered death;
and as He ascends all heaven applauds
making Him King of kings and Lord of lords.

'Worthy is the Lamb that died' is their cry.
'Worthy is the Lamb' the people reply.
As all in heaven and earth bow before
Jesus who died, but now lives for evermore.