Prithvi Datta

My Heart – Part 1

Retired lecturer and consultant building services and alternative generation of Power, Heating and Cooling. Prithvi Datta Global LEED Prof.★; MEEC; CEM; 17,388 Followers & 17,911 connections Wokingham, England, United Kingdom

My heart was full of love,
And then with sadness,
And that is why I chose to live
With all my madness.

I am trying my best to explain
It all to my heart;
What can you have from me?
Just my sad part.

Oh, my God, don’t ask me
To list all my gains;
All I have to show is just
A broken heart for my pains.

How can I destroy myself
And cause them no grief?
Lead me to death and everlasting sleep
In your warm relief.

The heart of a human
Is like living flesh
With no bone;
Please explain how some people
Can be as hard as any stone.

How can I kill my own heart
And yet still carry on living?
Why can’t I live like people
With no depth of feeling?