Prithvi Datta

Smoke – Part 2

Retired lecturer and consultant building services and alternative generation of Power, Heating and Cooling. Prithvi Datta Global LEED Prof.★; MEEC; CEM; 17,388 Followers & 17,911 connections Wokingham, England, United Kingdom

Thus I was left in limbo,
Totally without fight;
Nobody remained
Who could my fire relight.

I waited in vain for someone to come,
But all were gone, and forgot to return.

All I could do was laugh,
Berating the selfish,
Who did not even leave me,
With the chance of one last wish.

So I tried to recall
Who and what I was:
All my achievements,
All the tests I had passed.

I always worked for
My own just and living needs;
What have all these paper rewards given me?

Was all my education for nothing?
Never has it ever left me with anything.

Was it to this end that
I was silently screaming?
I was yelling in despair,
Without any meaning.