Prithvi Datta


Retired lecturer and consultant building services and alternative generation of Power, Heating and Cooling. Prithvi Datta Global LEED Prof.★; MEEC; CEM; 17,388 Followers & 17,911 connections Wokingham, England, United Kingdom

Each child is born
With only Godly innocence,
With mind and heart,
Which are clean and pure.

Until the teaching of some prejudice,
Against something or someone, for sure.

Makes the child into an inhumane psycho,
Hating whoever is different
Or cannot convention echo.

Teach the young to hate others
For their own Senses.
Mock own foolishness
The superior as pretences.

Praise unduly what is your own Education
Laugh at knowledge of others;
To call it silly
And repeatedly mention.

Make sure you put down
Others’ Abilities,
Present all skills
As within self-invented facilities.

Boost your own converted Religion
At any cost and deed.
Make sure others’ faith Is laughed at
As their sin needs.

Conceal your own faults
Beneath crookedly valued Character,
Insult others’ values
As your own fall into tatters.

Develop greed as your own personal need
At the cost of Honesty,
Judge others as the same,
Become need and necessity.

Now the child has become truly inhumane,
And a curse,
Hating others for their inferiority I
n all matters of SEARCH.

The child’s own superiority Is so falsely indoctrinated, That never the lost human
Can ever be fully regenerated.

The psycho can only harm others
As the deadly snake,
Until one is enslaved,
As by German, Japanese or Sheikh.

Others must find some Might
And wealth, at least.
Only then will falsely accepted
Inferiority decrease.