Valentin Savin

I'm no poet nor lover

My name is Valentin Savin, born January 6, 1939. Russian, a pensioner since 1999 Write and translate poems, mostly of English and American writers and some Spanish speaking ones. Member of the Union of Writers of Russia

Valentin Savin
(my poems)

I'm no poet nor lover

That early spring we stood out night -
Just only you and I.
We talked and kissed in the moonlight,
The stars were shining high.

The moon was casting glance at us.
Your face was captivating me.
You told me with enthusiasm:
Such beauty there, don't you see?

But looking at the Milky Way
I mumbled somewhat fast:
- We'll perish under it one day.
You suddenly felt aghast.

I messed up all the things thereby,
That died your enthusiasm and fervor.
But caught with the side of my eye -
I'm no poet nor lover whatsoever.