Richard Newton Sherrer

A Living Hope

I was born and raised on a farm in Pennsylvania. It was a small family farm that was handed down through 8 generations of Sherrer men until my father; Newton just could not make a living from it any longer. He thought that I would make a better living away from the farm. So, I decided to join th…

Bless be God, Father of the Lord,
According to mercy and grace;
Gives lively hope in one accord,
To resurrection we embrace.

Jesus resurrected from the dead,
For inheritance in Heaven;
Immortality that is fed,
For salvation that is given.

Undefiled that is unfading,
Through your faith that will be revealed;
Imperishable is waiting,
Until the time that is unsealed.

Wherein you will greatly rejoice,
Although right now for a season;
Grieving through a various choice,
From tribulations that were done.

Of your faith as being tested,
More precious than silver or gold;
The value that is invested,
As glory and honor unfold.

Even though that you have not seen,
You still show your love and respect;
Rejoicing on all that has been,
That many others will reject.

Being filled with glory and joy,
Your belief is unspeakable;
For your lips and tongue to employ,
Your thoughts are inexpressible.

Of your faith an outcome receives,
For the salvation of your soul;
Standing firm of what one believes,
When allowing God in control.

Copyright © 2021 Richard Newton Sherrer