Corona Virus no need to panic

Corona Virus no need to panic.

Corona Virus don't panic

Corona Virus no need to panic
We're living in age supersonic
Is deadly virus, available Tonic
Not last long is not very chronic

If we're pious & living hygienic
Follow all rules of self cleaning
At crowded gathering not mixing
Nothing wrong if live a hygienic life

Again I'm saying no need of panic
A temporary phenomenon not last
With the intellect will get vanishing
The most vital, stop outside eating

Eat fully cooked food avoid Sushi
As find live bacteria not good to eat
The best advise is eat food at home
Crowded party not good avoid that

In times many epidemics came & gone
Learned a lot from that will learn more
We are capable of controlling any virus
Whether it is a big or small or Dinosaurs

The Earth Planet was a just barren land
We converted into a Paradise the grand
If panic loose more there will be no end
Be brave, continue it as normal day man