Lawrence S. Pertillar

Your Question

Your question to ask,
As serious as the look on your face.
If there could be a mate for truth.
Would it be a cemented commitment?

If vows had not been lawfully exchanged,
How seriously...
Should truth take,
This potential mate in the first place!

Am I understanding,
This to be your question?

'For the most part, yes.'

I see.
And just how long,
Has this 'question' been on your mind?

'Not long at all.
I'm just curious.
Everywhere I go,
People seem offended by truth told.
And this I know...
Deceivers have their liars.
Crooks have their thieves.
Disguised in the most incredible costumes.
Yet truth can not seem to keep,
Honesty around for too long!
They don't seem to get a long.
Wassup with that?
What is it about truth that turns people off?'

I wish,
Right now...
It was Autumn.
And I was a Maple or Oak tree.
And the people would come,
Just to see...
The leaves on my limbs and branches,
Change colors.

That's all they would expect from me.
That's it.
Nothing else!
And as the Winter approaches,
There I am...
Standing naked.
With no one to care or notice,
I might miss the leaves...
To have fallen off me.

Saying you don't know these days,
Is okay.
You standing bare naked,
Pretending to be a tree without leaves?
Could be of some benefit to me,
In the chat rooms.
Social media.
If you know what I'm saying?
You feel me?