Phil Roberts


I am 64 and loves cats, rock music, and horror fiction and poetry

Grimly like a loathsome reaper
Morpheus haunts the land of dreams,
‘Til escaping to the waking world
Bringing with him myriad screams.

Morpheus brings untold horrors
From the far off land of sleep,
Death lurks with his every step
As round sleeping souls, he creeps.

Into the arms of Morpheus
Slips a helpless sleeping one,
Unwary of the boundless evil
That the Lord of Sleep has done.

Morpheus clutches his prey
With his long, malignant arms,
Taking innocents to Dream Land
From known safety to unknown harm.

Like a ghost, he haunts our sleep
Luring us to his dream land,
A land of noxious schemes abounding
Evil things night’s lord has planned.

Shadowy figures whisper warnings
To make unwary sleepers wake,
Victims of the Lord of Dreams
Their lives it seems were his to take.

From their prison in Dream Land
They try to warn sleeping souls,
Of the evil of Lord Morpheus
And his untold loathsome goals.

For the lord of sleep intends
To trap the sleeping in their dreams,
Until they think they’re all awake
But nothing will be as it seems.

Soon the sleeping think they’re waking
When in truth they do sleep on,
Till they’re trapped by Morpheus
And all hope to flee is gone.

© Copyright 2021 Philip Roberts,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia