Lawrence S. Pertillar

The How And Why People

If an action made to happen.
With it to witness and see.
Often it will be,
The how and why people...
Who are the last to accept,
Of having been told with messages sent.
To hear it heard from them to say,
It what had happened was that important...
Someone should have brought that,
Immediately to their attention.

'All I remember was someone knocking,
On my door.
Who only had three forms of identification.
With photos that could have been,
Better taken.
Then I was told I had to sign,
For the priority delivered message.
I signed.
The messenger left.
No explanation did I get,
Concerning the meaning and content.
Nor was I made to understand,
Or comprehend the significance of it.
What is it expected from me?
I'm not psychic.
Do I look like a psychic to you?'

When did you,
Eventually read the message?'

'And do what?
Be responsible,
For someone else's negligence?
Is the victim here?