Lawrence S. Pertillar

Far From One's Door

A pain to feel,
Through the anguish and suffering endured.
Is easier to take,
If far away from one's door.
And depending upon,
What the pain was for to feel it.

Other than that,
If a pain to feel...
Has not been made to exchange it.
With an arrangement to schedule,
A convenient time to accept.
The people these days could care less,
Who suffers through what.
Or how such stress causes mental depression.
And then...
Many of them will wonder why,
Others respond to re-act...
From experiencing such actions.
As if their shoulders are incapable,
To ever thaw from a cold deep freeze.
With a forgiveness to give it.

Gone and shown to be absent.
Is a warm to serve it up hospitality.
And a smile on a now frowning welcome mat!