Dr. Medhavi Chourey

My Grandmother!!

VISITING FACULTY – Communication Skills, Grooming and Personality Development( MP Tourism) (IHM) - 10 years and MPIHTTS Ph.D., English Literature, Bhopal University. M.Phil., Psychology, Bhopal University.1989. MBA (HR) Profile at a Glance Proactive, persevering educationist armed with a do…

My grandmother was a very pious lady
With many stories, she was always ready

Getting up early at the wee hour of four
Singing hymns, religious songs and more

Her eye sight was so good
For kids she always stood

More than half the month she fasted
Never ate alone and hardly rested

She was always blessing one and all
Everyone happy with her, big or small

Tea was her favorite drink
Her glass always filled till the brink

Gods offered everything she drank or ate
For a long time for having Prasad we sat

She read religious books with ease
She patted our heads to make us sleep

Everytime we fell ill, she was by our side
Her stories sent our imagination for a ride

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