SaintBobbie Jean Cawthon

Between The Raindrops

SaintBobbie Jean is an American Poet whose works include the Unique Oracle Vocalist Poetry rhyming Rhythm and Song. Author of "Pain", A Better Me", Smoke", "Blessed Attitudes I, II, & III... etc.

I am that brief space in time.
Convincing you, I'm one of a Kind.
I'm so fast, only rhythm can clench my presence.
I come before and after tears,
I was here before a 1000 years.
I hardly last, barely there.

While in between, I wave to WET,
Who waits to soak my stroke.
I can't be weaned, I cling in and between
the drips that drop.
Rarely noticed, I am a blink, a wink,
Quicker than a flicker.

In a place where kings are seen.
I'm before the clock's tic toc I'm over when
the sea covers Me.
I come whether seen or unseen
I'm Between the Raindrops!