Ryan Colley


I have been doing creative writing mostly since around 2010, which has encompassed articles, poems, and general research. I enjoy being able to create something on the spot which usually comes quite natural to me.

On a Tuesday night she called, was away with the fairies
She said Hi, I'm Eliana, I come from Buenos Aires

Would you care to meet up tomorrow night?
I'm based in Paddington and I've just had a fight

Do you know the fountain? We could meet up there
Oh you mean Eros, close to Leicester Square

Our eyes did they meet, a cliché at first sight
A face thats so round, so mellow, so light

We talked in the cafe, our gaze never swaying
Two coffees please and each of us is paying

She wanted much more, than I could provide
A suggestion of love, on the train we could ride

That night in question, at Welling (New Jersey)
Emotion flowed out, like water from the Mersey

You would never have thought, we'd become lovers
No one else knows, not even our mothers

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