My Soul

Fiza is a budding writer.She is pursuing bachelor of science degree.She hails from Delhi. She enjoys to write a poem ,short imaginary stories ,and explore new things during the free hours.She write it from whole of her heart.Her favourite hobbies are sketching,writing imaginary stories,quotes,po…

Title:My Soul

Life is full of up and down,
I fill my soul with blithe and crown.
I can't trust anyone except mine,
shape my life easy as pie and Yes, I'm fine.

I emphasis on goals, not obstacles,
look my strength by wearing spectacles.
at night,a pen and a cup of tea in my hand,
untill I reach myself on success land.
Effort is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired,
that's the reason,my soul never tired.
I take every problem as a challenge,
'cause I know why homeless people scavenge.

The energy of my soul never deactivate,
nobody can't even imagine the way I thought,it's just innate.

I'm beautiful, I'm strong, Yes, I'm free,
no failure,no fear can bound me.
never whine, never complain, never explain myself,
my soul is Samurai, I'm fighting myself.