Tammy Hanrahan


I love reading. I am a writer, photographer. I love drawing. I'm just me♡ theres no better joy then seeing people enjoying your very own words. It humbles you♡

The older we get the faster time flys
You blink and a decade has passed
Sometimes we dont have enough time
Sometimes we have to much time
There is wasted time and time we cant get back
We often wish we had more time
For loved ones who's time ran out
Theres times you wish you could take back
Time is such a precious gift
You can be sure of one thing
When we die and leave this earth
Time will continue to go on without you
I have to admitt for it is true
I've wasted times, I've regreted times
I've lost time and theres times I cant take back
If I could give one some advice
It would be to cherish your time here
Spend time with the people you love
Spend time doing the things you enjoy
But dont waste your time
Because before you know it,
Your time will be up.

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