Lawrence S. Pertillar

Eucalyptus Or Hawaiian Mist

Cheaply sold.
Unused minds stored in crates.
Safely preserved to auction off.
At this annual event,
Popular and becoming the rage.
Minds transplanted into dead-end heads!
Long knocked against walls.
Suspending thoughts lost to unconsciousness.

Sitting prepared to bid at the auction sit...
The greedy 'nouveau riche'.
Among the ones reeking of wealth,
And smelling of elitist string pullers.
The creators of the puppet muppet makers.
All seeking to remove truth from humanity.
And that which identifies to quality,
A way of life to live it had from their...
Collective perspective!
From their,
Pretentious persuasion to flaunt with flair!
As they trivialize the air to breathe.
With hopes they can revive,
The significance of things to crave and value...
More than life itself!

I must be honest.
And I did not intend to attend this auction,
To be a party pooper. No.'

Your poop is our poop.
Go ahead.'

I am doubtful that the selling of oxygen tanks,
Monogrammed with organic scents...
Advertised as options.
That will effect the man-made climate crisis,
Humanity today faces.'

Have got to be a genius or psychic.
We believed unused minds to buy,
Would be the alternative to the madness.
But you...
Recommend scents!
Scents built 'into' masks.
To lease those masks...
On a monthly basis. YES!
At a low affordable monthly fee,
Of $10,000.00.'

'No one living could afford that!'

Now you 'poop'? Not now.
Do not poop now.
Concept of yours is,
And, hypothetically speaking.
A corrupted, do nothing, deceiving lieing thief,
Were to fraudulently steal your idea...
Unintentionally, of course!
Which scents would you prefer and choose?'

'Eucalyptus and Hawaiian Mist.
Those would be my choices.'

'I see.
And the masks?
What would be your fee to charge monthly?'

'My fee?
I'd keep it at $10,000.00.'

'No, no, no.
What we old you charge the people?
What would be their monthly fee?

'I would charge a minimal utility rate,
For the oxygen. On use and supply basis.
And sell the masks packaged,
On a quantity basis per month.
At $100.00.
Keeping the price low until folks are hooked.
Then raise the price.
Like those executive pimps,
At the executive companies do.'

Don't be offensive.
They work for us.
We call them customer care representatives!