Laura L Thorne(Caesar)

Kiss of life

Writer original poet writing an epic trilogy. Enjoy my poems working on a love poem book. First line came from a guy named Jared.

I awake to the The kiss of life
Only to know I had a great night
My dear has encouraged me to say
I love you in every way
As simple as a kiss from you
Sweeter than the morning dew
Makes me feel everything positive in my heart
wish I knew we would love like this from the start
As happy in love I am today
You make the negative thoughts go away
You thrill me and make me laugh
My love is yours on my behalf
I am bewildered in this new love I face
Which in turn I like that you chase
You are so much fun to love now
My beating heart is full with all it can allow
I love what you say to me every day
I am so excited you chose to stay
And be with me as I am taken by you forever
You stole my heart and you were clever.
I do not mind the stolen beat
As I have no fear to retreat.