melita catalina warren


I am a senior citizen, visual artist, and inspirational poet. My spiritual quest to know Jesus Christ intimately relates to many of my rhymes. However, I also write romantic rhymes and rhymes drawing from other topics. One of my goals is to illustrate my rhymes with my original drawings.

When night falls covert, deep and fast,
I remember questions I forgot to ask.

I study twilight and dawn’s contrast,
For all terror, mayhem, seem past.

I take cover from March’s windy blast,
Then I dream of sailing the ocean vast.

My secret troubles I dare not broadcast,
Relationships come and go quite fast.

I implore Archangel Rafael, an iconoclast,
Seeking insightful wisdom which lasts.

Do oracles ever address an outcaste?

Do oracles downplay a once-dreary past?

Do esteemed saints remain steadfast,
Gathering fresh wisdom? Do they attend class?

Under sunshine, blue skies, as forecast,
Profound sorrow, scars, we bypassed.

Last year’s goals we clearly surpassed.