LaKeyah Garnett

Remember she's a Queen

Put your hands not on me
Because I don’t move how you do
Take you slanderous tongue off me
While I take on my own cue
I know not the imperfections you speak
I have no time to engage in you plight
You see your words would just weigh me down
While my vessel is already set for flight
Be wary what you put on me
That could be bad for your health
To insult me is to mock God’s creation
So put that evil on the shelf
This shape is free from your earthly chains
This smile not heavy until it frowns
I’m soaring expeditiously to high
Only thing on my head is a crown
Positive vibes I’ll send to you
Tied with a bow and sealed with a kiss
Prayers I’ll pray for you
So no blessing will you ever miss
I’ll give what I can while I can
You see I was never made to stay
The Essence will flow long after I’m gone
For the next Queen to lead the way