Teresa Whitney

With Each Day Passing.

Born and raised in Washington State as well as growing up in S. California, I now reside in Mooresville N. C. for the past 20 yrs. A wife for 30 yrs before loosing my late husband, a mother of 2 son's , grandmother of 6 children & great grandmother of 2 . College educated with an AA in Drug and…

With each day passing,
As you travel on your way,
Look for the happiness,
Wherever you may,

Try not and wonder,
What tomorrow will bring,
Upon my shoulders,
There you can lean,

There may be times,
When answers are few,
Should ever this feeling,
Happen to you,

Look at the bright side,
Do as you may,
Rest well in knowing,
There will be an answer one day,

With each day passing,
Tomorrow will come,
Rain will be over,
Trust, and have fun.

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