Helen Roberts

The Big, Fat Fairy

I live in North Wales in the UK.

Fairies are beautiful, right
small and cute and sweet
well meet the big, fat fairy
with size 9 feet

The others all make fun of me
They glide where I stomp
they twirl and flit and glide away
and all I do is klomp

They wear such pretty dresses
all glittery and bright
I make mine from parachutes
to help me when I fly

Glitter trails follow fairies
all shiny and petite
mine is so big
I fall over it with my big feet

The others fly so prettily
they glide through the skies
I struggle to get off the floor
just battle to even rise

The others laugh and jeer
as I try to swirl and fly
but my bust is so big
I end up with two black eyes

So if you see a trail of glitter
Don't think it's just a slug
it could be the big, fat fairy
so be kind and give me a hug

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