Dr. Medhavi Chourey

My Father- On Father's Day!!!

VISITING FACULTY – Communication Skills, Grooming and Personality Development( MP Tourism) (IHM) - 10 years and MPIHTTS Ph.D., English Literature, Bhopal University. M.Phil., Psychology, Bhopal University.1989. MBA (HR) Profile at a Glance Proactive, persevering educationist armed with a do…

I celebrate Father's day everyday
A pillar of strength anyday

The one who gave me my identity
An umbrella to protect from rains intensity

For my father I have all the admiration
Always been my source of inspiration

He being my father could be good luck
Could be Karma or my good work

A perfect gentleman and never judgmental
Level headed and hardly temperamental

Ready to forgive at the drop of a hat
Offers himself for an informal chat

An epitome of love and affection
With a very positive perception

He taught me to always be virtuous
Said it always paid to be courteous

My ideal who never succumbs to pressure
He is my life's biggest treasure

My father is an angel without wings
His good word in my ear rings

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