Gary Shulman, MS. Ed.

To Fathers, Just Because

Gary Shulman, MS. Ed. has spent a lifetime supporting vulnerable families and children. He began his career working with children with and without disabilities in an inclusive Head Start program in Brooklyn NY. He then transitioned to become the Special Needs and Early Childhood Coordinator forā€¦

To Fathers, Just BecauseĀ©
Gary Shulman, MS. Ed.
June 19, 2021

To all the fathers who did their best
To do it right, to rise to the test
To all the dads be they one or two
Straight, Trans or Gay,
in the red, white and blue
To all the father figures
All permutations galore
Mentor, role model, teacher
One thing I know for sure
It you reached down deep
Into that scary place
Threw expectations out the window
Allowed your heart to race
While you loved your child
Whatever he, she, them
Turned out to be
Then bravo to you
For you did it right
You did it pure
You fought the good fight
You saved your child from a terrible fate
For you chose to love
and not berate
You loved your child
just because
That is enough