Lawrence S. Pertillar


Terrible and so horrific.
Is the violence these days.
Everyday without fail,
The increasing of crime...
Corruption and deception.
Seems to have become,
An approved and accepted way of life.
As if it has been normalized.

'I know.
Shocking, isn't it?
I told the waiter no mayo on my sandwich.
And this bread?
I specifically asked for whole wheat.
What's happening to these people?
Here he comes.
Looking as if his mind is somewhere else.'

'And I ordered fries.
Not onions.'

'Calm down.
Maybe they are under new management!'

'I could care less about that!
Call him over here.
I have a few words for him.'

'Nobody today,
Takes an interest in paying customers.
What's going on?'

'You got me.
I wish I knew that answer.'
Pass me the catsup, please!