‏Dr. Rahim Al-Saadi
‏ And what's next?
‏ And the colors are the same
‏ The shapes are crossed by point and line
‏ It dies like a bloated figure
‏ And what's next?
‏ Things are the same, like the behavior of children
‏ As childhood all trees
‏ And the earth is tired of eternal rotation around itself
‏ And you think of everything
‏ With a long light that travels from the end of the universe so that you can see it
‏ And you get lost like ice sadness
‏ And what's next?
‏ It teaches me that my choice of some details of my sadness...was my choice
‏ And we die like a light on the face of the wall

‏ We run away from the memories of the light like butterflies
‏ And what's next?

‏ What would happen if I became a child?
‏ Looking for a lost doll
‏ Afraid of the shade in the great winter darkness
‏ And his mother tells him that the beautiful God...
‏ far... far...
‏ But we will go to him
‏ And what would happen if the bird came back to our village?
‏ All wars are over
‏ There will be the light of day