Daniel E Martinez

What I See in Thee

As I reflect on you, my Love, a thought consumes my mind.
That you possess a beauty one unmatched and hard to find.
Rare for its completeness from your semblance to your core.
One that sows affinity and incites my heart to soar.
There's a duality to your beauty, and here is what I mean.
That it is more profound than that which can be seen.
You abound with physical beauty like the one present in every rose.
Like the ever-romantic beauty of a nature's autumn pose.
It emanates from your countenance and thrives in your silhouette.
Yet, ever transcends the visual, as portrayed in this vignette.
There's a beauty in your simplicity, and in your character so pure.
Your values speak like volumes; you're resolute and yet demure.
There's the beauty of your candor and in the genuine way you are.
So elusive this form of beauty, as rare as a falling star.
There's a beauty in your expressiveness; in the thoughtful way you share.
You're so nurturing and kind; you're the answer to my prayer.
Yet, there's no greater beauty, than the one in your simple glance.
The one that tells of Love, and impels my heart to dance.
So as I reflect on you, my Love, I realize what i see.
Beauty, so much beauty, it's What I see in Thee.

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